• Appraiser Referrals

    "Appraiser Referrals: You can call the appraiser direct, or you can email or call the Appraisers Association of Oregon Executive Director at 503-399-9199.

  • Every person

    Every person has the right to have their vehicle appraised by an independent appraiser after an accident. You do not have to automatically take the offer by the insurance company.
  • New Legislation

    NEW LEGISLATION: If you dispute the appraisal of the insurance company, the insurance company must go ahead and pay you the undisputed amount of their appraisal and allow you to enter a dispute resolution process for a final payment. If your appraiser does not agree with the insurance 'appraisers' (who is usually not licensed as an appraiser and works only for the insurance company) a third appraiser can be chosen what will resolve any dispute. The injured party may have the right to have the insurance company pay all or half of the appraisal fees."


Auto Appraiser Association Associate Members

Long time diminished value lawyer Lawrence (Larry) E. Sherris and Joseph (Joe) Q. Kaufman with offices in Gladstone, Oregon attended... 

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 The officers of the Association are: Paul Gustafson    President DB Petersen       Vice President Monty King                Executive... 

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Greg Gibson – Central Oregon/Bend

Master Appraiser Greg Gibson has been a licensed appraiser for 15 years, and has been in the auto industry for over 30+ years. He... 

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